Before creating a ticket to inquire about the status of your order, please check our Indiegogo order status page first:

It lists out the status of every order from the Omega2 Indiegogo campaign. Use your order number to find the status of your order before creating a ticket. This will help us respond faster to those backers who have issues with their orders!

Take a look at the table below for info on what each status means for your Order:

Order Status Meaning
Incomplete Survey
You will have to complete your survey order form before we can ship your items!
Processing Your order is currently being processed for shipping, expect it to ship out in the next 10 days!
Not yet shipped We haven't yet gotten to shipping out your order but it is otherwise ready. Expect it to be put in the processing pile within two weeks.
Waiting on out of stock item We're currently out of stock on one of the items in your order. Stay tuned for updates.