Short Story:

Currently preparing manufactured boards to be shipped. We expect to start shipping on Tuesday, August 22 2017!

We hope you’ll enjoy your Hologram Cellular Expansion and make something super amazing!

Long Story:

We had resolved the hardware design issues we were dealing with and started a manufacturing run in late May of 2017. Our post-manufacturing Q&A and testing processes uncovered a show-stopping issue with the power supply circuit. 

We've identified the required fixes and started reworking the boards in late July 2017. Once all of the boards are reworked and fully tested, will will start to ship them out.  As long as the rework resolves the issues, we expect to start shipping the Hologram Cellular Expansion mid-August 2017 at the earliest. 

We know it’s been a long wait and we want to thank you for your patience. We’ve learned that there’s lots of moving parts when collaborating on a hardware design, and we will be able to manage this process better in the future.

Latest Updates

All the Holograms Cellular Expansions from both Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns have been successfully produced and shipped! We've also prepared the guide on using the expansion, you can find it here:

We'd like to thank all of our backers that supported Hologram Expansion! 

The mass production of this Expansion has not been considered.