There are a few ways:

Web Interface

Follow the instructions on our Getting Started guide. 

Command Line

Follow the instructions on our Getting Started using the Command Line guide.

As a summary:

Option 1:

In the Omega command line, type:


And then follow the prompts, the Omega will automatically scan for available networks allowing you to choose via command line inputs.

This method will also check if the Omega is connected to the internet once the wifi is setup. If there is no internet connection, the wifi setup will be reset to the defaults.

Option 2:

In the command line:

wifisetup -ssid <ssid of your network> -password <network password> -auth <network authentication type>

This will setup your wifi connection based on the inputs you provide. There will be no internet connection check like in Option 1.

There are 4 options for the network encryption type:

  • psk2
    • WPA2 Encryption
    • The recommended and most commonly used type
    • Password must be at least 8 characters long
  • psk
    • WPA Encryption
    • Password must be at least 8 characters long
  • wep
    • WEP Encryption
    • Old authentication type, not recommended
    • The key must be either 10 or 26 hex digits
  • none
    • No encryption
    • Password argument will be ignored

Connection Check

To check the connection status between the Omega and the access point, enter the following the command line:

    wifisetup info -ssid <ssid>

If there is a "success":true in the output, your Omega is successfully connected to the access point.

To check if you have internet connection via commandline:


It will send packets to (or whatever address you want) and check for the reply. You will be alerted if you receive no reply after a while - this means you don't have internet connection, or the address is down.